Wayne is the founder of Interface Visual, a digital content and photography studio located in Central California. When he’s not shooting multi-million dollar listings in and around the Monterey Bay, he is in Silicon Valley working with tech companies to create unique and innovative lighting solutions for digital projects.

He is a technophile that loves working with new technologies. As such, Wayne serves as an advisor and beta tester for numerous imaging software and hardware projects. He is also the goto portrait photographer for several Fortune 500 companies, regularly photographing billionaires and board members.

Wayne has a special ability to manipulate light. He is known for capturing images in the camera that most photographers can only achieve through editing and software. He does this through painstaking attention to detail, often taking hours to set up lighting for a 5 minute shoot.

Wayne loves architectural photography because it forces him to extend his imagination beyond what is in front of him and instead to visualize the image that he intends to deliver. The ability to understand how lighting, equipment, and changing conditions all contribute to a final image – and the knowledge of how to combine them to achieve that image – go beyond simple technique and transform photography into art.

Pretty exciting stuff for a still image.


Spend 2 Full Days working in a Modern 10,000 SF Home

Dates: February 28th & 29th, 2020
Location: Dallas Fort Worth, Texas
Instructor: Wayne Capili
Cost: 1250


Day 1
After an opening orientation and discussion, students will spend the first day observing Wayne as he scouts, develop, and execute photos of this spectacular House. With a low student-to-instructor ratio you’ll have access to every facet of the process, your questions will be answered fully, and every aspect of each instructors method will be shared.

The second day is yours to shoot — backed Wayne you’ll have full access to the home, including the exteriors, so you can explore and find portfolio-worthy compositions and capture them perfectly. You’ll be working on post production skills, and participating in discussions about business, marketing, and any photo-related topic you nominate. Wayne is there to answer your questions with his opinions and experience.